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Third Annual Thunderbird BBQ Kicks Off Summer

3rd Annual Thunderbird BBQ gathering panorama shot

Fun in the sun! A fantastic crew of Thunderbird Silicon Valley chapter supporters joined us for our third annual thank you barbecue and swim party generously hosted by Andrew Ogawa, a member of our leadership team, and his family in Atherton.

Andrew, a venture capitalist who runs Quest Venture Partners, will be speaking at Thunderbird's European Reunion and Business Forum in Stockholm, Sweden from June 28 to July 1, 2018. He'll also be judging a Thunderbird business plan competition at the Arizona campus this fall, so as you can see, he's active in the global Thunderbird community, which is inspiring.

Help us continue to keep the Thunderbird spirit strong in Silicon Valley. You can do this by sharing about local activities or opportunities, joining us for events or volunteering to get involved.


Khatchig, Anna, Rabie, Josh, Alain, Carole & Andy

Thunderbird Silicon Valley Chapter Leadership Team

3rd Annual Thunderbird BBQ gathering

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