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Traveling by Armchair, One Recipe at a Time

When I can’t travel internationally, I either watch movies or read books and travel with my mind instead, which I highly recommend to anyone. Traveling by arm chair, while reading a good book, or enjoying a delicious meal with interesting people are two of my favorite pastimes. For those who know me, they know that I love a good cookbook particularly if it includes tips and stories about exotic places or unique experiences that I can’t easily find in Silicon Valley.

Two of my recent favorites are:

1. The World’s Best Street Foods is published by Lonely Planet, one of my preferred sources for off-the- beaten path travel information. What’s special about this book is that it’s filled with photos that make you wish that you were enjoying that experience in person and recipes that I’ve yearned to get my hands on for years.

2. From Baklava to Tarte Tatin: A World Tour in 110 Dessert Recipes written by a

French blogger who has started a new one in English too.

Bertrand’s obsessive approach to deciphering recipes of foods that he enjoys is

impressive, especially because he’s self-taught. I can nearly taste the desserts just by reading what he shares.

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