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We’re Having a Party. You’re Invited.

Thunderbird Bay Area Gala 2016

Whenever I get invited to an event, especially one with friends, friends of friends, or just potentially really interesting people, I get a bit excited about the possibilities. How about for you?

Consider this an open invitation to join T-birds and T-bird friends on Thursday night, November 3rd, for our Thunderbird Bay Area 70th Anniversary Celebration. You’ll get a chance to meet new friends or connect with old ones over a multi-course dinner and hear from Thunderbird’s CEO/Director General, Dr. Allen Morrison who I hear is someone you’ll want to meet in person.

Four stellar reasons to attend:

  • Be a doer and show your T-bird spirit. This is the first Thunderbird greater Bay Area event that we’ve held in a while.

  • Meet and connect with Thunderbird’s CEO/Director General. Dr. Allen Morrison is flying in just to spend time with us.

  • Get continuing education credit, if you go to the master class. Attending will offer an excellent discussion springboard for your conversations during the gala, so you can share what you learned and how you’re planning to use that knowledge to take action.

  • Early bird pricing deadline extended to October 19th. 3-day countdown, so don't miss it!

The Essentials:

Thunderbird Bay Area 70th Anniversary Celebration - Click here to register.

  • November 3

  • 4pm masterclass with our CEO:

  • “Global Leadership — a Complicated Challenge”

  • 6pm cocktail reception

  • 7pm gala banquet

Easy Registration Tip: When you see an option to select a time, click it, even if you don’t think it’s what you want. By selecting it, a ticket buying button will show up with all the available options.

Think globally. Act locally. Join us!

By the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this event is made possible by our terrific sponsors. Interesting fact, four of the folks behind our sponsors are a part of local Thunderbird chapter leadership and actively showing their support; namely, VCs Alain Labat and Andrew Ogawa, CEO Khatchig Jingirian, and T-bird 40+ Chapter leader, Patty Trosclair. Last point, you can’t go wrong if you check out locally-based sponsors like Smythe & Cross fine jewelry, run by Khatchig who’s largely the mastermind behind this event, or Zicasso handcrafted travel, an award-winning website for globetrotters like T-birds.

Thunderbird Bay Area Gala Sponsors 2016

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