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January First Tuesday Recap

A couple dozen folks braved the rainy, chilly weather for some tasty modern Indonesian appetizers, drinks, and chatter at Indo, which has an impressively long-lasting happy hour. The music was pumping, a basketball game was showing on the tvs, the lights were dimmed, and folks were connecting.

Conversations even included idyllic vacation spots like Playa del Carmen and talk about the addictive nature of the Netflix 10-part series, “Making a Murderer”. Need the backstory? Try this Chicago Tribune Q&A article.Thunderbird gatherings always tend to unite a diverse bunch, and this gathering was no exception.

The first gal I met works as an entrepreneurial mindfulness coach. Being present and mindful is one of those new year’s resolutions that’s sure to hit some of our lists. Dorote, a European transplant just built a mobile app focused on mindfulness too. Being present and centered is aspirational, no doubt. It’s probably what’s needed for many of us to stay sane in this go-go-go but don’t forget to enjoy the moment Silicon Valley culture that most of us just call life.On this same rainy night, I also met Meha. Her name coincidentally translates to mean “rain”. She’s originally from Bangalore and relocated 6 months ago to cater to clients on project management and strategic activities for Slalom Consulting, which now has its Silicon Valley office in Palo Alto and is hiring.

Before calling it a night I met an Irishman from Khatchig’s cohort named Jerry who used to live in the heart of London somewhat near to Spitalfields Market, a place I have fond memories of, who’s now based here working in technology and has been here for some time, so he probably knows where some of the best places or activities are.

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s the gist of the the university’s top 3 priorities thanks to Khatchig Jingirian who gets the inside scoop from Thunderbird regularly on a strategic level. If you want to know more, come to our next event.

1. Student referrals

2. Job Leads

3. Internship opportunities

If you’ve got a way to support these initiatives, now is the time to take action to help drive positive change. We hope to see you at our next event.


Carole Low & Khatchig Jingirian

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