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Volunteer Opportunities

Join us and shape our vision to empower local Thunderbird (Tbird) alumni as part of the Thunderbird Silicon Valley team!

Get in touch if you love the global community and are ready to get involved! In particular, we’re seeking Tbirds with skills or interest in these areas.

  • Strong writing and editing

  • PR and marketing communications

  • Event management

  • Website development or management

  • Research and interviewing

  • Social media

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Corporate relationship building

  • Program development and management

  • Sales and business development

  • Expertise and skills not yet mentioned that you'd be willing to share with (business, culture, business, geography, etc.)


Our priority leadership opportunities:

Limited time commitment roles that can make a big impact! See below for more details.

  • First Tuesday Ambassadors

  • Photographers and Videographers

  • Web developer


Events & Programs

  • First Tuesday Ambassadors

Welcome & close a monthly happy hour gathering. Choose a fun place to host the next one.

  • Event Managers and Ambassadors

Conceptualize, coordinate and execute events.

  • Program Managers
    Get involved in designing and implementing programs (e.g., social, educational, community-oriented volunteering, assisting Tbird students or graduates, mentorship, etc.)

  • Sponsorship Managers
    Recruit and support our sponsors.


Marketing, Communications & More

  • Alumni Profiles Manager
    Connect with executives and working professionals to share their inspirational stories. Discover those that define a path less traveled.

  • Web developer

       Design and implement automated forms to improve our productivity and the Tbird alumni experience.

  • Content Creators: Writers & More

       Create and update our content. Make it meaningful for local Tbirds.

  • Social Media Gurus
    Lead the charge or assist in designing and managing our social media.

  • Blog Manager
    Source, curate and coordinate blog submissions.

  • Photographers and Videographers
    Capture our events to share.


Interested? Fantastic!

Email carolelow[at]gmail[dot]com.

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