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Joshua Warner

MBA, Class of '14
Chapter Leader
Thunderbird alumnusProfile
Joshua Warner

Q: Tell us about yourself

I’m a Phoenix native, desperately missing good Mexican food.  My bachelors is in electrical engineering, but I’ve been on the marketing side for essentially my entire career.  I only recently graduated from Thunderbird as a member of the 22nd Executive MBA cohort in 2014, then moved to the Bay to manage Qualcomm’s battery charging portfolio.  In January, my beautiful wife gave birth to our son, Beckett Avery.


Q: What languages do you speak or understand?

English with a bit of proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin.


Q: Which countries have you lived and worked in?

lit 25% of my time cycling through Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and Germany.


Q: Recommend a book, a movie, or local restaurant.Why?

Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Picketty – it’s a data driven look at capital concentration and income inequality that provides a lot of surprising insight into many of the stress points in modern society.

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