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Rabie Zahri

Rabie Zahri

MBA - Class of '10
Chapter Leader

Q: Tell us about yourself.

Rooted in free thinking, intellectual curiosity, and sense of adventure, my great passion is solving problems, building things, and taking them to market to help people. Founded two entrepreneurial ventures in IT security and professional services spaces. I remain in the tech industry solving problems and taking IT solutions to different customers across industries impacting many people all over the world. 


I have been trained formally and through first-hand experience in a range of disciplines from engineering to international business to leadership across borders.


My educational background includes BSE & MS Computer Engineering from Arizona State University and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. 


Q: What languages do you speak or understand?

English, Arabic, French, and basic Spanish.


Q: Which countries have you lived or worked in?

Morocco, USA, Mexico, China, and if you consider all of the vacations taken in Thailand, I’ve practically lived there for sometime too.


Q: Do you have any noteworthy special skills or hidden talents not listed on a typical resume?

Pretty decent cook, avid whisky enthusiast, training for certified sommelier.   


Q: Recommend a book, a movie, or local restaurant. Why?

Still into the lost generation of American expatriate writers. Highly recommend works from William Boroughs, Paul Bowles, and Jack Kerouac for fellow travelers. Movie? Casablanca. 

Q: Where do you want to travel for pleasure?

Many other wonderful countries to visit still. Cuba maybe next... 

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