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Andrew Ogawa

Andrew Ogawa

MIM, Class of '98
Chapter Leader

Q: Tell us about yourself

I am Andrew Ogawa, 43 yrs old. Born in Tokyo, to an American Mother and Japanese Father. Attended international schools in Tokyo, then UC Santa Barbara for Univ. Graduated from Thunderbird in 1998. Worked for Daimler AG in various business units for over 10 yrs in Germany (Stuttgart), Japan (Tokyo) & US (Detroit). Established Quest Venture Partners in 2008, focused on investments into early stage startups in Silicon Valley, LA and New York.


Q: What languages do you speak or understand?

English, Japanese and German

Q: Which countries have you lived and worked in?

USA, Japan, Germany, Australia and France


Q: Do you have any noteworthy special skills or hidden talents not listed on a typical resume?

I enjoy gardening, Koi, Goldfish & Tropical Fish, as well as Karaoke!


Q: Recommend a book, a movie, or local restaurant. Why?

"Shogun" by James Clavell. Its about the rise of a Japanese Shogun through the eyes of an English Captain beached in 17th centruy Japan. There is also TV series made that's quite interesting to watch.


Q: Where do you want to travel for pleasure?

I would love to travel the Silk Road, starting from Turkey to China one day. 

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