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Thunderbird alumnusProfile
Khatchig Jingirian

Khatchig Jingirian

MIM, Class of '97
Chapter Leader

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I was born in San Francisco and grew up on the peninsula. I’m a 1997 grad from Thunderbird and currently own a fine jewelry store in Los Altos called Smythe and Cross.


Q: What languages do you speak or understand?

A: In addition to English, I speak Armenian fluently, and have studied Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic. And of course, as a true T-bird, I know some choice phrases in about 10 other languages….


Q: Which countries have you lived or worked in?

A: While I have never had the opportunity to live abroad, I have been traveling to Europe on business for over 20 years.


Q: Do you have any noteworthy special skills or hidden talents not listed on a typical resume?

A: Aside from working at my store, and my activities with the Thunderbird alumni, I am also a singer/musician. I have been performing Armenian music for over 25 years at various events around the country. I’ve recorded a few albums and while on campus, co-founded a musical program called “Global Sounds”, which I am proud to say, continues today.


Q: Recommend a book, a movie, or local restaurant. Why?

A: As a fan of history, one of my favorite books is “The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace of the Modern World” by Book by Howard Reid and Justin Pollard. It’s a great, short history of the classical world and really provides a lot of perspective on how the modern world came about.

Q: Where do you want to travel for pleasure?

A: The list is an unending one, but for starters, I’d love to go back to Europe and get lost in the museums. Then make my way to the Mediterranean and enjoy the islands, coastlines and beaches. Of course, I’d love to visit Armenia again. I have, unfortunately, only been once before for a very short visit and am dying to get back there again. But realistically, just put me on a plane and I’m happy!

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